Running styles

Being the racing technique unique and exportable to all runners, it is the style that makes us different. Just look at them sitting quietly on a park bench and you’ll see how varied the wildlife is in its peculiar way of moving around. What style do you feel identified with? I’m transcribing a text I don’t remember where I got it from. I hope you like it.

1. The trot cook: It is the style of the runner who moves slowly with short steps, immobile arms, with his elbows thrown back and his fists closed at the level of his armpit, arched back, ass and belly out (there are even occasions when his navel is seen below the shirt) while he lifts his knees and jumps up to the penalty spot to indicate the maximum penalty.

2. The stylish: He resembles a sprinter in his posture, although his rhythm is not usually in line with his ostentatious gestures. Straight back, long stride, raising a lot of knee and touching with the heel on the butt, sudden movements of arms accompanied with the palms of the hands open to the “Son of the Wind”. Usually the expression on the face, with a frown, denotes a sense of speed. He is also dressed in the latest generation of compression garments from top to bottom.

3. The “inflated” handles: The excess of muscle, exclusively in the upper trunk and arms, causes their disproportionate legs to look arched and unstable while trying to move litres of lactic acid accumulated in their body. The arms can hardly move and try to stumble, as if it were a cement block. The veins in your neck and temple show how hard you’re working.

4. The little steps: The one who advances slowly but surely, ticklish…. quickly moving his feet in very short steps, without the rest of his body even seeming to flinch. Like I’m running over some fakir embers. Apparently not, but he’s moving at a good pace. Even get to despair of how fast and steady it can be.


5. The legs: This one reminds me of that lizard that runs over the water. You only see legs. It’s usually someone very tall and thin. Smile while you run.

6. El pundits: The runner who doesn’t seem to want to bother. As if it were 4 o’clock in the morning and he had just arrived drunk all the way down the hallway of his house to get to his room quickly and quietly. He has read a couple of technical articles on some website, he runs on tiptoe and jumps around. He usually has a forward curved back and has very developed twins (also sore when he finishes).

7. The shoe: We heard this one coming from five blocks away. Step on the sole of your foot as hard as you can. Runs run-down with his shoulders shrugged (must be from impact on the ground). He usually wears a crazy face, is very sweaty, red and gasps a lot.

8. The rider: It is a style of running that would complement perfectly if we put a horse under him, since he goes with his legs open like Lucky Luke! Where he passes by, the grass doesn’t grow. I wouldn’t want to be his musculature. Hard as steel!

9. The belly: Here it’s a matter of physique, you see coming into a belly with little legs. A lifetime spent on beers and good food has its rewards. Usually his style is combined with a cotton T-shirt advertising. Live the night is the predominant slogan in these.

10. The legs: It is in itself a style of someone with a body difficult to see, without looking like an athlete, although that does not imply that he runs slow. His center of gravity is at ground level and more than running he seems to be crawling with his legs bowed to the ground. Back and the head was thrown back, it is usually someone who strives above his or her means and who has a completely decomposed to.

11. El tó stiff: This character is a fusion of moving vertebrae, usually running upright as if he had just put his fingers in the socket, from head to toe is a block. His philosophy in life is never to end up with a hump. More dead than curved. Say yes!

12. The robot: When we refer to the robot, we don’t see exactly the round, little R2-D2, which moves on wheels, but its inseparable, golden friend. Come on, he’s got less flexibility than a Playmobil click.

13. The ostrich or waddling bird: It usually runs running far apart its legs and its neck gets longer and shorter in unison with the swaying of its legs. It is his habit to extend his arms out to his sides as if he were going to take flight at times.



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