Northern Fjords Cruise

On board this Pullmantur cruise ship, you will arrive in such important European cities as Rostock and the Norwegian cities of Stavanger, Alesund, and Bergen. You can see and photograph the Ovre Holmegate in Stavanger, the Norwegian Art-Nouveau buildings in Alesund or the Bryggen district of Bergen.

In addition to cultural tourist attractions, the cruise itinerary of the North Fjords of Pullmantur will take you to discover unique landscapes of Norway. Of all these, the Syv Fjell valley, the Lysefjord fjord, which can be seen from the Preikestolen, or the environment full of fjords and islands that surround the Fjellstua Viewpoint, a few kilometers from the municipality of Alesund, deserve special mention.

In 2018, get to know the natural beauty of the Norwegian fjords

On the Baltic coast of Germany stands Rostock, the most important city of the cruise ship Fjords of North Pullmantur next to the Norwegian city of Trondheim. Of all the things to see in Rostock, the New Market Square and the Old Market Square stand out. As for the monuments of Trondheim, one of the most unique is the Stiftsgarden, built in wood and the official residence of the kings of Norway.

Another important stop on this Pullmantur cruise is Stavanger, as you will arrive there whether your holiday starts in Rostock or Trondheim. The city is built in the vicinity of unique Norwegian landscapes, such as the Lysefjord fjord. In the historic center, called Gamle Stavanger, you can visit many of the most important monuments in Scandinavia, such as St Swithun Cathedral. To the north, in Bergen and Flåm, you’ll come across the eye-catching attractions of this Pullmantur cruise ship, such as the Hanseatic Museum and Myrdal Mountain, respectively.

Around the Barksdale Glacier, you will find Olden, a town whose main attractions are related to nature, as shown by the aforementioned glacier or the Jostendalbreen National Park. In contrast to so many Norwegian landscapes, Alesund, another stop on this Pullmantur cruise ship, offers unique examples of Nordic Art-Nouveau architecture. In addition, you will also visit Geiranger and/or Hellesylt. From the first municipality, the Friaren waterfall and, in Hellesylt, the Hornindalsvatnet lake stand out.

Discover the highlights of Rostock and Flåm with Pullmantur
The only destination outside Norway for the cruise ship North Fjords of Pullmantur is the German city of Rostock. Located in the north-east of the country, just after the Jutland peninsula and on the banks of the Baltic Sea, it is home to many unique and almost unknown monuments of Germany. The Old Market Square, the New Market Square and the Church of St. Mary’s are a must see in Rostock.

At the end of the Aurlandsfjord is Flåm, a small village in the southern half of Norway. In addition to the Flåm Train, which will take you to another side of Scandinavia’s landscape, you can also take the North Fjords of Pullmantur cruise to Myrdal Rallarvegen mountain, the Walkers’ Route or the unique waterfalls of Stalheimsfossen, Sivlefossen, and Rjoandefossen.

The Church of St. Peter and the Kloster Zum Heiligen Kreuz deserve special mention. The first, in addition to being the most outstanding example of Rostock’s Gothic architecture, has a 117-meter-high tower from which you can see the whole city. The Kloster Zum Heiligen Kreuz, the city’s museum, is located in an old convent built in the Middle Ages.


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